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  • Do I have to create an account if I want to participate on EBT?
    If you wish to actually follow your notes in their tracks, then yes, you have to register on EBT before you can enter notes. You could of course just watch the global statistics and see how other users perform, but then you'd miss half the fun :-)

  • What data do you store about me and my notes?
    We store the following items from your account: email address, username, encrypted password, profile (your own description of yourself), your webpage address (if you've provided one), the time you joined and the time you last entered a note, your default values for country, city and postal code, ID of the EBT user who referred you to EBT (if known), the IP address of the computer used to access EBT and some site-specific preferences you configured (newsletter language, thousand separator, etc).

    See the section 'Legal' if you want to learn more about how your data is used, data security in general and legal issues regarding data storage.

    The following data is stored for each note you enter into the system: your user ID, note value, serial number, your comment about the note, date and time you entered the note and note location (country, city, postal code).

    For further information about note data see the section 'Notes'.

  • Why do I have to give you my email address?
    The email address is a great form of user identification. It also allows you to freely choose (and change) your user name. Your email address will never be sold off or shared with anyone purposely. Most importantly, it is used to notify you when one of the bills you have entered is entered again.

  • Mul on probleem oma kontole sisenemisel
    Please note that you log in using the email address and password you chose when you registered at EBT.

    If you have forgotten your password: Try to log in with your correct registered email address and a false password. You will then see a message with a link. If you click on it an email will be sent to your email address containing a link which will allow you to set a new password. For security reasons we cannot email your password directly. It is stored in an encrypted form in the database, so we don't know it ourselves.

    If your email address doesn't work: Please send us an email describing your problem and containing as much information about your EBT account as possible, i.e., your username, your old email address, approximate note count, default city and country. Please do not send us your old password! We will then work on a solution for you, e.g., correct typos, find out which one of your email accounts you used to register at EBT or assign you a new address.

  • Some of your users have entered tens of thousands of notes. Have they won the lottery or what?
    Most of our top users get their notes from their place of work. Generally speaking, the number of notes someone has entered is not an indication of how rich that person is.

  • Kuidas ma saan võtta ühendust teiste kasutajatega?
    Use either the forum or IRC if you wish to send messages to other EBT users. If someone is not active there we're afraid you're out of luck. We will never hand out the email address of any of our users.

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