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So... we already briefly talked about notes. The entire idea behind EBT is to follow notes in their tracks to see how they travel all across the world.

Users register the notes from their pockets at our site. If a note is already registered the user gets notified immediately and sees where this note has already been. If at some point in the future your note is found again you get notified by email.

A note that was registered by more than one EBT member is called a hit.

More than 19 653 notes are registered at EBT every day! Since the launch of this project a total of 200 532 068 notes have been tracked.

At the bottom of this page you see a listing of 5 hits from our database. Who knows, maybe you have one of these notes in your pocket right now? Click on any of the links in this listing to view the detailed note report in the next section of this tour.

2008-06-13 07:28:475 EURBerlin - PhiladelphiaFlag for Saksamaa Flag for Ameerika ÜhendriigidLuis. - Nerzhul6509 125
2008-02-06 05:03:4910 EURParis - NürnbergFlag for Prantsusmaa Flag for Saksamaa7.92x57 - Spanier_20635 588
2008-01-28 17:30:425 EURKos - CeljeFlag for Kreeka Flag for SloveeniaSandraki - enboizce1437 193
2006-12-01 08:20:0120 EURWellin - KirkkonummiFlag for Belgia Flag for Soomemagic_be - ZZR1648 1741
2006-08-17 22:13:3220 EURVantaa - Pori - DongenFlag for Soome Flag for Soome Flag for HollandApila^ - Jeanina - ans1708 493

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